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Overseas investment booms in Cape Verde Islands

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Written by Roy Weatherby, The Overseas Investor

When it comes to investing in property, many are looking overseas for the right place to put their money. The archipelago of Cape Verde is one place that is growing in popularity and there are plenty of reasons why.
With a luxury adult-only hotel resort nearing completion on one of the ten Cape Verde islands, it has been announced that there are only a few of their deluxe suites available to buy. This is due to an influx of investors who are drawn to high occupancy resorts that deliver good returns. With the remaining elegant properties starting at €155,500 they are sure to be snapped up soon as rental properties for holidaymakers.
Cape Verde tourism
The tourist market in Cape Verde is a thriving one. The growth of tourists to the islands has created a significant demand for rental properties in the area. This stretches from private villas to sea view holiday resorts and has driven the growth of the buy-to-let market in Cape Verde.
The majority of available properties are situated in self-contained resorts. This means that there is a good supply of high quality property available with a good chance of high occupancy and healthy yields.
Development in Cape Verde
Some overseas property markets have become overdeveloped, which has led to those areas losing their original appeal, and driving demand away. Cape Verde is protected from overdevelopment by government legislation that only permits low level and low density projects to be built in order to protect the look and feel of the area. It also restricts the number of properties that can be built to prevent saturation.
Management schemes
One way to increase the success of an investment is by signing up to a buy-to-let management scheme. These schemes support investors on all aspects of running an oversea property, including managing advance holiday bookings and property maintenance. 
If you are looking at investing in a property that makes up part of a resort that is run by a well-known operator it may be possible to join a hotel management scheme. This will offer a similar range of benefits whilst marketing the resort through tour operators on a global platform. These types of schemes are a great way to ensure high occupancy levels for your property.
The most popular island in Cape Verde for property investment is Sal, which is home to two of the largest resorts. These are responsible for attracting over a million visitors so far, which has understandably made it a hotspot for investment. That popularity is now also spreading to Boa Vista which is thought to be the next big thing in property investment thanks to the recent addition of an international airport.
The Cape Verde islands are a jewel in the Atlantic Ocean which have been relatively undiscovered until recently. Its developing economy and warm, stable climate has made these volcanic islands very attractive to visitors over recent years, and property investors are now taking advantage of this new found tourism through the safe investment of resort property.
For more information on investment in Cape Verde, please contact Hopwood House.

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