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POT'S 60 second bite size interview: Knight Knox

Thursday 19th April 2012


We speak to the Managing Director of Kight Knox International, Jeremy Knight.

Q: What does it say on your business card?
Jeremy Knight, Managing Director, Knight Knox International


Q: Who is Knight Knox?
A: A market-leading worldwide property group, Knight Knox International offers an extensive range of property and services on a worldwide scale.


Q: How long has Knight Knox International been trading?
A: Established in 2004, Knight Knox International became a Ltd. Company in 2007 and has sold over 5,000 properties in 50+ countries worldwide.

Q: How did it all start?
A: I have worked in the property industry since the late 90’s, starting out in the UK estate agency and then diversifying into the overseas property market. For the past 14 years I have been involved with overseas property in one way or another, from working in Spanish real estate at the height of its boom, to building up my own worldwide property network, which culminated in the establishment of Knight Knox International Ltd.

Q: Why choose Knight Knox International?
A: As one of the market-leading property investment firms in the UK, we have continued to grow through fluctuating market cycles, reaching a record-breaking 100 sales in March 2012; a number far above the industry average. Continually challenging.

Q: What are your three unique selling points?
A: 1. Market-leading properties in some of the hottest locations around the world. We constantly look for the most lucrative investments for our clients, ensuring they have access to the perfect developments for their portfolios. 2. We are well respected within the property industry: by only working with respected developers and agents – people associate Knight Knox International with a name they can trust. 2. A global network: we have a worldwide network of UK and overseas agents who are experienced at selling property and land, wherever your location.

Q: Who do you currently work with?
A: A wide range of respected developers around the world, mainly on an exclusive basis. We have also branched out into becoming a developer ourselves, working on select projects in several key countries.

Q: How do you overcome your competitors?
A: By having the best developments on the market, which is reflected by the volume of repeat buyers we have from our extremely loyal client base. We are also one of the most active companies in the industry. We regularly attend, exhibit and participate in over 30 events, exhibitions, seminars and roadshows, ensuring we are on-the-ground, speaking to our clients on a regular basis.

Q: How do you create value for your clients (how do you go above the call of duty)?
A: I believe the caliber of the team we have in place is one of the main reasons why Knight Knox International is so successful. From the initial contact through to the completion of a sale, our staff are committed to sourcing the best deal available for their clients. In addition to this, we also provide unrivalled after-sales and re-sales services, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied that they are receiving the highest level of support, whatever their requirement.

Q: What is your greatest achievement and what made it so special?
Whilst I have sold property for many years, it has always been my dream to become a developer, which was achieved last year through the building of The Hub, our first wholly owned student accommodation development in Sheffield. This achievement is a benchmark equal to selling 100 units in a month, another goal of mine which I am delighted to say the company achieved in March 2012.

Q: What do you feel it takes to be successful in the industry?
A: Trust, respect, integrity and the support of a good team. The property industry is almost like a community, meaning the way we deal with our clients, suppliers and peers is then reflected in their dealings with us, ensuring that Knight Knox International continues to be a name that that be relied on.

Q: Are you offering any special promotions?
A: Our student accommodation developments are some of the best on the market, producing assured returns of 10% NET rental yields (for yr 1) and all located in major UK university cities. We also have a wide range of exclusive luxury developments in Thailand and Turkey, and amazing land plots in Florida starting from as little as

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