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Why properties along the Dalmatian Riviera are attractive to overseas buyers

Thursday 2nd July 2015

By Adam and Alex Pinion, Pin & Pin
For more than three millennia, Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline has lured emperors, adventurers and nature-lovers to its shores; its spectacular sights and welcoming people making it a world-class destination. 
It is also fast becoming an overseas property hotspot among those with a taste for outstanding scenery, sunny climes, rich history and a keen eye for an investment.
So what makes the Riviera so appealing to overseas buyers?
Unlike the south of France or Spain, Dalmatia offers high net worth buyers the chance to escape the common summer crowds that often plague well-travelled locations, giving them privacy and tranquillity that is often hard to find in today’s jet-set world. At the same time, its coastline is able to rival even the most established of other European hotspots with its clear waters, picturesque bays and outstanding views.
Investment potential
Since joining the EU in 2013, demand for second homes in the country has grown considerably. Most notably there is a gap at the top end of the market for luxury villas. Investment in the highest quality properties presents excellent opportunities to generate a strong rental yield throughout the peak summer months. At this time waterfront villas across the Dalmatian islands can rent for between €1,300 and €2,000 per day for upwards of 15 weeks a year.
The Dalmatian Coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate that boasts long hot summers and mild winters. The peak season runs from June to September when up to 12 hours of sunshine a day can be enjoyed with temperatures reaching into the mid to high 20’s. Crucial too is that humidity is very low at 60%.
Croatia has a rich and varied history which remains an integral part of its identity today. Ancient cities and towns pepper the coastline characterised by traditional architecture whilst locals are proud of their country’s origins. At the turn of the fourth century AD, Diocletian - the former Roman Emperor - decided to build the Diocletian Palace in Split for his retirement. Whilst he had the choice to build anywhere in the entire empire, Dalmatia was his chosen destination because of its outstanding natural beauty and central accessible location. The palace today forms the centre of the city of Split. 
The Dalmatian Riviera boasts over 1,185 beautiful islands which prove very popular with the sailing community. Perfect for exploring and characterised by charming inlets and coves they are one of the region’s greatest assets and mean that local residents never tire of picturesque places to discover.
Investment in infrastructure
A prolific local infrastructure investment project is underway which will increase the size of Dubrovnik and Split’s airports as well as implement a new motorway system and improve existing sea plane routes. A significant part of Croatia’s attraction is the Adriatic and the opportunity to explore via boat, in line with this, there are plans to double the number of berths in the country by 2018 to 28,000.
Protected Waterfront
Strict planning laws are in place to protect against overdevelopment in water-fronting locations. Investors can therefore be assured that their property has every likelihood of retaining, if not exceeding, its original value
£ vs €
Given the current strength of the Pound against the Euro, now is a great time for UK purchasers to invest in the Riviera. According to XE figures, in 2011 the pound to euro was at 1.1051 and has risen to a high of 1.43 in 2015 meaning you can now buy 32.5% more for your pounds. 
Although Croatia operates in Kunas, it is pegged to the Euro. When buying property, the price is quoted in Euros meaning that now the Euro is currently going through a weak stage, it is attracting investors from around the world. Not only could the property appreciate in value, there is also the possibility to make a large sum as the Euro starts to strengthen. / +38 521553299

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