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Why should you invest in property in the UAE in 2016?

Thursday 28th January 2016

Written by Roy Weatherby, The Overseas Investor

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in the UAE but have concerns then take a look at the following reasons why now is the right time to purchase...
1. Rental returns
The property market in Dubai is going through a slow patch at the moment but it still offers excellent returns. In Abu Dhabi rental yields have been up as high as 10% and in Dubai there are still returns of 8%. The area of Sharjah is popular with those looking to rent in Dubai which means that there will always be an interest in your property. Currently, Abu Dhabi is experiencing a shortage of rental properties which is why investing in the UAE could help you to pin down high rental yields in the near future.
2. A solid economy and stable political system
The UAE, although is seen to be reliant upon the income from oil actually makes up a large portion of its GDP from other sectors. Any infrastructure projects that have been announced have actually gone ahead which proves that the economy is strong which will mean that your investments will succeed. 
The UAE government dealt with a law and order problem which shows that they care about political matters. In fact, all of the seven emirates work together to deal with political issues and this means that there should be no concerns over political stability. 
3. No tax to pay
The UAE is known for its tax free benefits and this means that you will not have to pay any property tax. As an investor this allows you to take every penny of your earnings. 
4. Excellent Infrastructure
In recent years, the UAE has spent a lot of money on their roads and maritime infrastructure which makes it just as good as some of the largest cities in the world. Not only is their infrastructure excellent, but it is cheap to travel throughout the region. 
5. The perfect location
The UAE sits pretty much at the middle of the globe and is therefore surrounded by excellent trading waters, in some ways, it is the link between the East and West. Businesses have moved into the UAE and now many use it as their headquarters due to its perfect locations. Therefore, job opportunities are aplenty and the pay is good.
6. All about Expo 2020
This event is believed to create over 200,000 jobs and has turned the UAE into a place where people want to work. The infrastructure is being improved in preparation for the even with the government doing all it can to turn Dubai into the tourist capital of the world. Residential properties and their owners are also benefitting from the infrastructure improvements as this is resulting in an increase in demand for these properties. This is likely to lead to improved profits and unbelievable prospect which turns the UAE into the ideal place to invest. 
7. Live in luxury
Dubai is known for its extravagant lifestyle. Most people who live there are high flying businessmen or tourists enjoying the fruitful lifestyle. Dubai also has a low rate of unemployment which means that a lot of money is being spent and circulated. 
When it comes to holiday homes, Dubai is up there as a place that is worth investing in. Many celebrities live there and there are many reasons why they do, so perhaps it is time for you to consider making the move.
*For more information about property investment in the UAE, please contact Hopwood House.

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