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Resource Techniques Ltd

In just 3 brief seconds a judgement has been made…on you!

A judgement on your company, your colleagues, your ability, integrity, market knowledge, even your personality.

It’s scary to think; that in less time than it has taken to read the last sentence, a prospective instruction can be lost and lost to one of your competitors, all because your website let you down.

At Resource Techniques, we’ve been helping clients across the property sector for more than 25 years, making us probably the longest established company in the sector providing effective solutions that have a dynamic effect on our clients bottom line.

72% of your customers see you first on the Internet, it’s vital that you communicate your unique offering in those 3 seconds. With that in mind, here are a few things you should be demanding from your website and your designer:.

1. Page 1 Google listing

2. An affordable solution

3. The latest technology

4. An industry specialist

1. Page 1 Google listing

Where do you rank on a local Google search?

If you’re not within the first 10 results,  you should be having a quiet word with your website provider.

In a recent survey, 98% of our clients where consistently listed on page 1 of Google when searching for Estate Agents in their area.
High rankings are down to Search Engine Optimization and something that you need to find out about if you want your website to make an impact on your business. Good SEO is an ongoing process, but chances are, you either bought your website without this or your supplier is charging you extra. At Resource Techniques, we believe SEO goes hand-in-hand with website design because if no one sees your site, what’s the point of having one?

That’s why an ongoing SEO program is included with all our websites and not charged as an extra.

2. An Affordable Solution
Yes you get what you pay for in life, but a dynamic website that delivers a real return doesn’t have to mean paying out thousands of pounds upfront.

You’d be surprised, you could have one of the best website products on the market for less than you pay for a weekly advert in the local press, yet gives you a global presence.

3. The Latest Technology
Your Website Is the Key - The latest generation of Estate Agent website is more than a shop window; it is a vital tool that aids the process of selling property.

A site that instantly uploads a new instruction not only to your site, but also to four 3rd party sites, then emails the details to all potential buyers on your database.

A site that features enhanced local mapping, downloadable property brochures and a wealth of information that makes your website the local directory for buyers and sellers and means they keep returning again and again.

4. Demand An Industry Specialist
Why would you use a bog standard website designer? How can they understand the intricacies of marketing and selling property? How can they design a website to promotes you while featuring technology that supports you throughout those intricacies.

We’ve been working with Estate Agents for more than 25 years, in fact many of us were Estate Agents ourselves. Demand A Specialist!

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Free Website Review

It’s always nice to get something for nothing, especially when that something is worth something…if you get our drift. Contact us today and we’ll undertake a free, no obligation review of your present site and how it could be improved to ensure you catch the vendor’s eye.