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Jamie left school at the age of 16 with a starting salary of just £3,500 p.a. Then, at the age of 24, he created a company turning over £1m in 2.5 years.

Jamie then continued his success by appearing on the BAFTA award winning show: The Apprentice, where he managed to complete all tasks and finish in the final three.


Where it all began...

At 15, whilst all of Jamie's school friends had the weekends to themselves, Jamie took on a Saturday job at his local estate

agent as an Office Junior. This, as it happens, turned out to be the first chapter of a very successful career. As soon as school

was over, at the age of 16, Jamie applied for two estate agents positions and both companies battled against each other to

offer him a position at their company. He took the highest salary at the time: £3,500 per annum! After two years of working in

estate agency and working his way up (with now a bigger salary), he decided to change career and become a recruitment

consultant for the property industry. This is where Jamie got to know everyone within the industry and understand exactly how

to make it up the property ladder. During his years in recruitment, Jamie excelled with the best results (setting company records)

and earned significant bonuses. Thanks to this and a convincing business plan presented to the banks, at the age of 20, Jamie

bought his first property and, at 22, rented this out and bought his second property, both located in East London. By this time,

Jamie was now manager of a recruitment consultancy but something was missing so he decided to go back into property, but

this time property investment, working with larger budgets. After 18 months working for a real estate investment firm in central

London, developing strong relationships with both his clients and property developers, Jamie saw the potential to start his own

business and reap the rewards that he deserved. So, at just 24, Jamie invested £20,000 (no bank loans!) and started his own

business - determined to make it work! Jamie's first year was amazing and, in just under 2.5 years.


The Apprentice

 In Jamie's words...


See Jamie in action...


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Book Jamie


Motivational Speaker

If you are looking for an uplifting, inspirational and motivated speaker who has learnt all his vital lessons the hard way, then Jamie will certainly deliver.

Everything he talks about he has experienced first-hand and is never from a text book.

  • Starting his own company at 24 (turning a £20k investment into £1m!)
  • Competing on The Apprentice
  • Drumming up enthusiasm within a team
  • Adapting & succeeding
  • Selling direct to customers
  • Turning leads into sales
  • People management & motivation
  • Creating Investment funds
  • Winning new business
  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Qualifying clients and customers
  • Marketing of properties



Jamie has over 14 year's business experience, which includes launching a company from scratch. His skills are varied but mainly lie in these areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Increasing sales
  • Hitting targets
  • Business Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Sales training
  • People management
  • Team building
  • Motivating a work force
  • Finance/Cash Flow/Profit Margins


Training Academy

Everything Jamie talks about during his sessions he has experienced first hand. His success lies in several fields and they include:

  • Qualifying buyers/sellers
  • Increasing sales figures
  • Hitting targets
  • Winning new business
  • Sales training
  • Buying techniques
  • Negotiating
  • People management
  • Motivating a work force

"Listen - I couldn't help but email you a THANK YOU message. Thanks so much for your help - you literally opened my eyes on sales. I wish this could have happened a year ago. Well, I am still glad it happened - at least now I can retire knowing how to follow up leads properly."

Nadya S

"I've already called two leads and closed two appointments for next week. OMG IT WORKS!!! HUGE thanks once again for sharing this system with us. It was very kind of you!"

Sally R


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