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According to research by online estate agent mousesale, it does n't matter to homeowners if they sell your home via an online estate agent or one with a high street presence. The only important thing is that their house gets sold at the best possible price within a reasonable period of time - with great service thrown in for good measure. This is because buyers and sellers no longer distinguish between online agents and their traditional high street counterparts.

And why should they? For almost 9 out of 10 people the first place they look for a property to buy is online. Vendors know this and expect their properties to be on the leading property portals. For many buyers, their first contact with an estate agent is when they have found a property they are interested in and even then they are more likely to make an online enquiry rather than call into an agent’s office personally or make a phone call.

Local newspaper advertising is dying. Almost 600 regional newspapers are expected to close within the next 5 years. The high street is changing beyond recognition. Who would have thought that Woolworths would close after 100 years? In contrast, we are increasingly shopping online and the Government has stated that all UK homes should have access to broadband and faster download speeds by 2012. The internet is the future.

However this does n’t mean that the high street agent will not survive. He just needs to evolve. If most of your enquiries are coming via the Internet, is n’t this where the bulk of your advertising spend should go? Do you need to be advertising in the local newspaper with dwindling readership and poor returns? Do you need to be on the high street at all? Great service can be provided for anywhere.

I’ll have to leave it there as Tesco have just pulled up on the drive with this weeks groceries.

Happy shopping.

Richard Garland is the founder and managing director of and can be contacted via