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Dove & Hawk

“Our mission is to do whatever we can to help clients and candidates achieve their goals. We appreciate that unless they achieve their goals we will not reach ours – which is to become the premier and most respected name within Estate Agency Recruitment”

Dove and Hawk has a mission to become the premier and most respected name within estate agency recruitment.

Purchasing the estate agency division from The Dove Partnership was only the start of an investment dedicated to making this mission a reality. Since then considerable sums have been spent putting together and training a team who not only understands recruitment but also the uniqueness of the estate agency market and can quickly respond to it’s ever changing needs.

We have also invested heavily in research and technology resulting in our introducing “one to one marketing”. This is innovative methodology, a hybrid of head – hunting and pro-active recruitment techniques, was developed specifically for estate agency recruitment with the input and feed-back of both clients and candidates.” Not only have we successfully placed more staff since its introduction but the fall-out rate has been dramatically reduced resulting in more efficient and cost-effective hires for our clients and improved career opportunities for our candidates.

Of course, we also advertise, both in the professional press and on our own external web-sites, but already we are pleased to note that more than 50% of our hires are coming in some way or another from the recommendations from people who have experienced our service. So we must be doing something right!

If you would like to contact us please do so on 01279 713371 or Request a Call Back by visiting our site and leaving your details.