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How to Address the Tesco Private Seller Issue

Tesco’s quest to encourage private sales without the use of a regular estate agent should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity to highlight the reasons why serious vendors should think twice before they cut corners. Two of the most persuasive arguments are as follows:

1) One of the most overlooked truths of estate agency is that people tend not to buy the property about which they enquired, but usually another one the agent offered them following their enquiry that was better suited to their needs (and probably a bit more expensive than they anticipated as well – hence it being better than the one advertised). So whilst anyone could indeed advertise their property privately, the chance of this actually delivering a buyer as a direct result is low.

2) The best way to secure the fastest sale at the highest price is to expose the property to the maximum number of well qualified active buyers. The only person who has access to such a resource is a local estate agent -you. You intimately understand your buyers and know precisely the right ones to bring round – the best ones often being those who would probably not have viewed the property unprompted.

There are of course many other reasons for using an estate agent, eg accuracy of valuation, legal compliance, thorough involved follow-up, chain chasing, moving logistics etc. These are easy to reel off, but I believe the above two are the most compelling and should be used to your advantage.

A series of three articles addressing the issue that you can publish in your local paper, mailers, website, window, etc can be included in the Weekly Editorial Publicity Programme I produce for many of my clients. If you would like to know more about how this can help you generate more vendor enquiries and drive your reputation locally, then check out email me for some samples and a quote. Your timing could be perfect for the spring market, and you’ll also receive a FREE series of 12 prospecting letter suggestions with my compliments.