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It's Coming Home!

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Only 3 days to go! I had the wife iron my gleaming new shirt I brought at the weekend in preparation for Saturday’s game; the flag I attached ahead of the boys going to South Africa blew a fresh wave of victory, and as I struck the button on the radio, Baddiel and Skinner’s “Three Lions” belted out the roar of passion that I’d longed for the past four years… this is definitely our year.

And then I opened the front door and my flag was all mucky from the rain, someone had stolen the England ball from my aerial and the radio played that bloody new Dizzy Rascal song – good old England. Maybe I remember 2006 a little differently and maybe I have grown up, but the fire is still in my soul and I didn’t actually feel it until today, when I positioned the wall chart in perfect view in the office, for me to spend my hours debating where everyone shall be in just two weeks time when we move onto the knock out stages.

We’ve waited four years for this. My lucky pants have been hiding away in a drawer gathering moth balls, but they’ve been washed and dried and I’ll be wearing them every day for the next month, regardless of how disgusted my wife becomes. All the staff in the EAT office (even the women, though they won’t dare admit it) are behind the England squad and we’ll be rooting for our boys every day – we need the whole of England behind us. It’s all about passion and I’ve got enough for all of us!

A small knee injury isn’t going to put a dampener on England’s luck and were not worried.  In fact, shouldn’t we be more worried that Rio got this injury getting turned by Hesky? Could Emile really make a difference in this competition?  With replacements like Ledley King, Mathew Dawson and Jamie Carragher I don’t think we need to be that concerned – we’ve got a great squad this year and while the bookies have placed England third behind Brazil and Spain, I personally believe we’re headed for the top. The only extra thing we could have benefitted from is Jamie Theakston – today’s answer to David Seamen, judging by this week’s Soccer Aid. Did anyone see those safe hands? I’m sure we’ll get by fine with the great guys we’ve got. My prediction is that we’ll be wearing our shirts and rooting for our country in the final against the Germans if all goes to plan – please feel free to share your predictions!

As the World Cup progresses, I’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest – we’ll have the results from each match and the banter you won’t find on Sky Sports; we’ll have football facts and figures and amusing World Cup related stories from the team here at EAT. We’re behind our country and we’re determined to make the most of finally having a justifiable reason for spending every evening down at the local.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly can’t WAIT! Roll on Friday (and Saturday, more importantly!), and don’t forget to keep stopping in for the latest!

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For those of you who would rather fry your faces on a George Foreman grill than suffer 90 minutes of testosterone-fuelled shouting (and how very dare you…), head on over to Kate’s column and complain about it all instead.