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Jigsaw 7

Jigsaw 7

Jigsaw7 Limited offers a complete direct marketing solution; providing targeted data products, design, print and fulfilment of impressive and effective direct marketing materials.

We provide a complete integrated marketing solution for all businesses, with particular specialty in meeting the requirements of the estate agency and car dealership markets. Our extensive knowledge and experience provide us with original ideas, fresh thinking and an ability to understand your business requirements and desired impact.

With knowledge and experience in both traditional and new media, we can ensure synergy between your offline and online marketing strategies.

We work closely with our clients, to deliver individual solutions which allow them to identify, understand and communicate to their unique prospects.

As a full service agency, through one point of contact, you can rely on us to manage your marketing campaigns, from formulation through to execution and analysis. Using our own in-house team and our partner businesses we can deliver the solutions you need.

Jigsaw 7 Services

‘Personalised direct mail is three times more likely to be opened, read and acted upon’

Even the most carefully planned direct marketing campaign can fail if the data you are using is out of date, or if you are mailing to people who are uninterested in the product or simply wouldn’t be able to afford it.

We can provide consumer data from four separate databases:

  • National Canvasse
  • Canvasse Lifestyle
  • Canvasse Birthday Selections
  • Canvasse Automotive

Whether you are planning a large national campaign or a targeted activity to a niche market, we can help you to target the right people!

We strive to ensure that all our data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. On average, we boast an accuracy of 96%. This is achieved by applying regular filters to ensure that:

  • Gone Aways are removed
  • Individuals listed on the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) list are removed
  • Deceased individuals are removed
  • Data is Post Office Address File (PAF) compliant

Leaving you with an accurate list of potential customers, which you can contact by name!

National Canvasse

Jigsaw7 consumer data lists are compiled utilising Experian’s National Canvasse database. National Canvasse provides the direct marketing industry with a market leading solution for prospecting, data verification and consumer segmentation.

Following changes in legislation governing the use of Electoral Roll data, individuals can now choose whether their details can be used for commercial purposes. Analysis shows that up to 35% of UK adults have now ticked the ‘opt-out’ box on the Electoral Roll form. This has significantly reduced the volume of prospecting data available to organisations, making it increasingly difficult to ensure the quality and quantity of data required for direct marketing campaigns.

Set against the backdrop of new legislation relating to the use of Electoral Roll data for marketing purposes, National Canvasse represents a highly effective replacement product, superior to the Electoral Roll, in terms of data recency.

National Canvasse comprises compliant register records, combined with name and address level data from the Canvasse Lifestyle database, and significant data contributions from partner organisations. Data from the October 2000 Electoral Roll is included, but only when this has been verified against Experian's own verification data sources to ensure its accuracy.

National Canvasse generates high volume (over 40 million UK adults) and well targeted individual or household level prospect lists. It also provides valuable up-to-date information to help direct marketers target prime new prospects, understand more about their existing customers and develop retention strategies and up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

National Canvasse delivers the highest volume of names, with the highest quality of data.

  • Accurate, verified and up to date prospect data
  • Unique data assets
  • Widest UK coverage available
  • Accurate segmentation and profiling for highly targeted lists and to facilitate detailed analysis and data modeling
  • Includes key demographics, classifications and propensities
  • Improve campaign effectiveness and response rates
  • Maximise your communication and up sell/cross sell opportunities

Data can be selected on the following criteria:

Postal Area, Postal District, Postcode Sector

Personal Information
Age, Gender, Marital Status, Lifestage

Household Information
Council Tax Band, Property Value, Length of Residence, Household Composition, Household Income, Tenure

Data Classification Systems
Mosaic UK, Financial Strategy Segments

Canvasse Lifestyle

Canvasse Lifestyle is a database of 14 million UK consumers who have proven to be direct mail responsive. This database is one of the most comprehensive available, containing over one thousand lifestyle and product purchasing preferences - meaning you can accurately target those people who are in the market for your product, at a time when they are most likely to buy.

Continually refreshed and maintained, Canvasse Lifestyle provides an accurate and up-to-date representation of UK consumers. Surveys, containing hundreds of questions, from credit card ownership to property value, sports and interests to drinking preferences and home shopping habits to charity donations are frequently mailed to households throughout the UK, adding on average one million new database records every year.

From the basic essentials of direct marketing, through to complex campaign strategies, Canvasse Lifestyle will help you identify prospects and undertake efficient mailings that see a reduction in costs and wastage.

  • Identify the consumers who are most likely to become profitable customers
  • Accurately and cost-effectively target these consumers using the most powerful tools
  • Build profitable long-term customer relationships through the application of increased consumer knowledge
  • Ensure your business meets regulatory and best practice standards