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Legal Brokers

Legal Brokers

Certain things in life always seem to be a struggle - dealing with solicitors can be one such example.

Unfortunately dealing with conveyancing solicitors can be one of those painful processes we all need to address at some point. The same applies when pursuing a personal injury claim, if you have been the subject of a mis-sold endowment or are looking to sell an endowment policy.

Taking the house moving process as an example it's true to say that we all groan a little at having to deal with conveyancing solicitors and, possibly, the legal profession in general.

In situations like these it helps if you have an organisation on your side who can help out in the event there's a problem with your property conveyancing.... As Legal Brokers we will try to help you along every step of the way.

As such the varying conveyancing firms and solicitors we recommend have proven themselves by both their efforts and their understanding.

If you're a potential HIPs client you might be interested to know that we're regulated by the HIP Code, carry £2million in Indemnity Insurance and have a team of people dedicated to producing our HIPs.

We routinely generate HIPs on behalf of both the general public & our White Label introducers.

If, in the first instance, you would like an informal chat about any related issue such as service standards, legal fees, timeframes or individual conveyancing solicitors please don't hesitate to call our helpline on 0845 606 6652 alternatively please head towards our conveyancing pages for a full quote.

Many thanks.

Jon Hilton
Marketing Director