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New HIPs body launched

New HIP trade body launches

A new trade association has started up for Home Information Pack providers, revealing factions in the HIP-providing sector.
The Independent Pack Providers Association (IPPA) says its launch is in response to the "turmoil" in the HIP industry.
The IPPA says it has over 30 founder members who, it claims, are independents who "recognised the difficulties and delays being created by some of the larger national HIP providers, with their remote call centres and conveyor belt service models".

IPPA says it will have a stiff barrier to membership, auditing HIPs and production procedures.

"It is critical that we continue to raise the standards in this new industry and we believe that robust auditing will play a part in this," said Chris Lane, chairman of IPPA. "Our members are focused on delivering Home Information Packs that actually do what they were put in place to do: speed up the transaction times involved in the home-moving process."
In what appears to be a swipe at the rival trade body, the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) to which most of the larger HIP providers belong, IPPA says that many HIPs are of poor quality, with missing or wrong documents which actually delay transactions.

Lane alleged that some of the larger HIP providers were flouting the regulations under the existing self-regulation framework. "We are expressing our concerns at the highest levels and we certainly look forward to maintaining the pressure to improve the standards," he said.

IPPA is now lobbying housing minister Caroline Flint about enforcing HIPs.

Written by Rosalind Renshaw