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Property Investment Consultancy


One Touch Property Investment is your Partner in Prosperity

We source a unique blend of quality developments at affordable prices; including lifestyle and investment properties for both independent thinking professionals and family people seeking a holiday home.

Bringing you high growth property and well-researched investments that provide you with the safety and protection you need to reach your lifestyle and financial goals.

We are approachable and informed...sharing our expert knowledge to help you take empowering decisions with confidence and ease.

Our key areas of expertise are property sourcing of below market value property, UK wide investment rental property, 100% financed property investments in Spain and Portugal, student accommodation Investments, Istanbul property for rental and capital growth, holiday homes and villas in Turkey, SIPP compliant commercial properties including hotel room investments as well as affordable fractional ownership purchases.

Graham Flaherty

Investment analyst            

6 Tonsley Street, Wandsworth Town, London SW18 1BJ