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Property Tube

Lights, camera, action – make that property a movie star!

If the idea of offering your clients Viewings 24-7, seems like an impossible dream then think again.  Film production company, Property Tube is doing exactly that, producing high quality video walkthroughs and posting them on estate agents websites and other major portals. 84% of customers now search for property online and the addition of a video means they can browse the property at their convenience, and they can even share the experience with friends and relatives.

Managing Director, Mark Garry saw a niche in the market and he says the timing was just right to launch the service. “ Just as the property market started to nose dive, online video technology started to improve. It meant that suddenly the mass market had access to good quality video on their computers and telephones and for the first time people could watch short movies anywhere. The downturn has meant that estate agents are having to use more innovative ways to market properties and video walkthroughs are rising to meet the need’

The public’s thirst for video is seemingly insatiable,  films are now used on all kinds of website from You Tube to Yahoo. It was almost inevitable that Property would be the next to fall in line.  Mark is in no doubt that the technology is here to stay “The public love video and we’re being inundated with requests from clients asking us to film their properties. There’s no doubt the service is right and it’s building a real head of steam. We’re already taking on two new video editors just to keep up with demand”

Mark Says “ I actually got the idea for Property Tube, when I was house hunting myself. It seemed every weekend I’d drag the family around various properties only to realise, once we got there, that they were totally unsuitable. I thought if someone had filmed this, I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort and just viewed the properties that looked right. It would also have saved the vendors a lot of wasted tidying up!’

I formed Property Tube to provide estate agents with a quality film service that was totally versatile  and to date it’s proved extremely popular. The beauty of a film is that it provides a much better sense of scale for the viewer, it can be viewed anywhere and with social media – videos can be shared and people can even ask their friends for opinions.’

The digital technology means that once a film is uploaded to Property Tube’s server, a short piece of code is generated, this can be embedded on whichever site the customer chooses, including their own site but also big hitters such as Rightmove and Google Property.
‘To make it really saleable we wanted to keep the cost really low,  thats why prices start at just £ 20 . We are even training estate agents to take their own films. We edit and produce the films and host them on our servers, but to a degree the agent has free reign over what they shoot.”

But Mark is still restless, “ I’d like to see a time where all properties have a video with them, and I honestly believe it’s not too far away. People want films, the technology’s there, why shouldn’t they have them? But really this is still only the tip of the iceberg – What I can’t wait for is the next big breakthrough in technology; 3-D walkthroughs!” But it seems that sequel will have to wait.

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