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SearchFlow is an electronic conveyancing search service. It provides a one-stop solution for sending and receiving property searches. It replaces paper searches with a more efficient and less error-prone automated system. It provides up-front benefits such as address validation, easy-to-use maps identification of relevant searches and integrated invoicing.

In short, it transforms the conveyancing search process from a labour-intensive chore to a simple online task.

Award-winning SearchFlow is one of the NLIS licensed channels.

What is NLIS?

NLIS is a Modernising Government initiative to automate and integrate the provision of land and property information. It aims to make conveyancing and, ultimately, home buying, faster, easier and less stressful for everyone concerned.

To date, it is the most successful Public Private Partnership in the UK and has provided huge benefits to the legal profession.

The NLIS infrastructure has been built by private enterprise creating an electronic distribution structure that replaces the post.

NLIS comprises:

  • Data providers (local authorities, Land Registry, the Coal Authority, etc.)
  • The NLIS hub (effectively a wholesaler without storage facilities)
  • The NLIS channels (of which SearchFlow is one)

It all adds up to better information exchange