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Is TechnicWeb the right website design company to build your business website?

TechnicWeb is a “medium-sized” web design company based in Essex UK near to Stansted Airport (See map). Established in 1998 we now employ 22 full-time staff comprising: -

• Website consultants (planning the structure & content)
• Graphic Designers
• Data Programmers (also deal with data integration from back-end systems)
• Web developers
• Project Managers (every project is assigned a project manager)

What kind of clients does TechnicWeb typically work for?

Most of our clients are SME’s with a turnover between £500,000 and £8m. Companies with a lower turnover tend to choose smaller agencies (often ‘one man band’ operations where one person does all the planning, designing, database work and web building).

Large PLC’s with substantial budgets tend to choose full “media houses” or advertising agencies that manage their entire marketing and branding.

How long and how much?

This is rather a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but our average project takes 12-16 weeks and fast ones are completed inside 6 weeks.

Our bespoke websites start from as little as £5,000, rising to £30,000 for a large project. Most are somewhere in between and we can offer friendly payment terms in order to help you have the website you want (as opposed to a compromise!) without hitting your cash-flow too much!

What are TechnicWeb’s strengths & weaknesses?

Having the full ‘team’ of skill-sets in-house enables us to build virtually anything, and one of our particular strengths is in database integration, which takes data from your software and converts it into a format visible within a website.

Every website is built so that our clients can edit most of the content themselves through a content management system (CMS) and this will often include a products database as well as web content pages.

“Product databases” can be anything from an on-line catalogue to holiday availability schedules, hotel rooms, property lists, photo archives, member lists – anything that needs a well-written* database.

* Experience is everything when it comes to writing databases – inexperience is a nightmare in waiting! – Do you want to fund an inexperienced developer’s learning curve??

Our Graphic Designers have the task of presenting everything in an aesthetically pleasing way with easy navigation as a priority.

We are not suited to ‘small’ websites (e.g on-line brochures) which are not really our domain as we tend to develop much more comprehensive solutions that have a serious impact on the way our clients promote and run their companies, as opposed to a passive brochure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over the last 5 years we have focussed on perfecting our web construction methods to produce websites of the highest standard. ‘Highest standard’ covers many areas that are not even considered by many other design agencies and due to the technical nature of websites; clients may not even realise their importance. Please visit our section on search engine optimization for more information

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