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Textboards is a specialist in texting solutions for estate agents, part of the txttouch group of companies, the company is one of the fastest growing providers of SMS services in the UK.

Founded by a group of experienced professionals  with experience in the areas of: technology, business, investment finance and the media.  Funded by private finance the patron of the business is a high net worth ‘Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the year’ who has a history of building successful technology companies, most significantly selling a multimillion pound telecommunications integrator to British Telecom in 2005.

The group already provides a number of successful mobile phone solutions, including txttouch for mobile marketing.

How Textboards works

1. Register with textboards

Estate agents can register with textboards and receive a 'bank' of keywords, each of which contains a specific properties details, you manage these keywords using the textboards webtool.

2. Promote the SMS property service

Use specially designed rider boards to encourage interested partied to text and receive instant information about that specific property. Each text enquiry will cost the prospective buyer to receive.minBuber58

3. Benefit from the SMS property service

You will receive a payment from textboards from every enquiry, based on a share of the text cost. Most importantly you will have increased the availability of property details, and will have added greater value to your vendors sales process.