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The Bu2iness

Our benefits

1.    Negotiator Productivity - As the Negs are the money makers of the business we've made sure that we've included everything that will make them more productive within their jobs which will, in turn, bring in more money for the business.
2.    Easiest to use - There is a low training requirement for, in fact the majority of our clients haven't required any training at all!
3.    Instant sharing - All of your companies information is easily shared amongst staff, even if you have multiple offices! you can access via your phone, office computer, home computer, basically anywhere that has an internet connection.

We're different

1.    We listen - We actually listen to you. We've involved our clients in the production of right from the very start. we take on board all our clients suggestions and thoughts and over time they can see them appearing in the system, just ask them!
2.    No contracts - We don't tie you in, we don't make you sign contracts. people who make you put pen to paper only do it because they aren't confident that they have a product that will make you want to stay.
3.    Culture - The culture at is totally different to that of any other software company you'll have encountered before. We're a tight knit team that likes to communicate with our clients and from day one we've all wanted to create a product that is going to benefit the money making side of your business more than anything else.

Our service is different

1.    Customer service - We're the most attentive company until you're totally settled into using the system comfortably. Our customer support is the best in, although we don't think you'll need too much of our help!
2.    Weekly backup - You can back up your data at a location of your choice every single week. your data is yours, we don't want you to ever think we'd hold you to ransom with it!
3.    Control - You're in total control of your company through You can choose who you want to have access to what and you can check how each member of your staff is performing and so much more.