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The Mobile Agent

The Mobile Agent

No more waiting for plans - create your own floor plans and property descriptions with The Mobile Agent software, whilst at the property or back at the office.

Designed to be used by non-technical people, The Mobile Agent is simplicity itself. That’s why it is now used by over 4000 agents. It’s also highly cost-effective, because once you have bought the software, you can create as many floor plans as you want with no further charge.

There are two versions of the software: one runs on a standard desktop or laptop PC, and the other on a Windows Pocket PC. To get the most out of the software, most agents use both the desktop and Pocket PC versions.

The Mobile Agent for DEAs

Create quality floor plans to sell to estate agents. Floor plans for your own use are completely free of charge.

  • The agent receives your plan, changes room names, adds
    their disclaimer and so on - with no subscription to us 
  • Work on-site or off-site, on handheld or desktop
    PC, with wireless back-to-base option
  • Calculates heat loss perimeters, floor area
    and much more, all free of charge
  • Flexible payment options for estate
    agent plans, with no upfront fee