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How can working with house builders help my business?

House builders, as much as many estate agents, have suffered badly from the effects of the credit crisis, and this has greatly affected their business model. As a result they are either pushing part-exchange in a big way, or newly using this as an alternative way of selling properties.

What house builders do need, though are properties to part exchange and people through their door which many don’t have at the moment, so they are looking for ways to do this.

Many estate agents may already have a good relationship with a local small or large house builder, and this could entail selling properties through the branches, where house builders sometimes agree a deal specifically with the relative estate agent.

They may also just have an agreement with the house builder to promote properties, and this can be done with a single piece of advertising in branch, and a commission for properties passed on.

House builders have recognised the efficiency of using a third-party property exchange site, such as, as many vendors don’t even realise they would consider a new build until one is presented to them (we have much experience of how vendors wanting a ‘period’ property will buy a new build once they have seen one, and realise this will give them a quick move!)

Part exchange and property exchange sites such as give registered house builders non-personal details of vendors property selling and, more importantly, buying requirements based on price, location and bedrooms. House builders then call the matching estate agent, and at this point agree whether the house builder or vendor will pay fees (this differs from house builder to house builder)

The estate agent then speaks to their vendor to agree for the house builder to contact them / arrange for them to view a property.

When the sale is made, the part-ex property still needs to be sold, so may be given back to the matching estate agent to sell on – a double whammy!

So - working with house builders could be a great move for both your vendors and your business, particularly when can do the leg-work for you.

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