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Use the children for profit!

How can we as estate agents learn from politicians?

During this election year there will no doubt be politicians who will be kissing babies in the street in order to attract votes. (Normally these people would be regarded a paedophiles, but not when they are wearing a political party rosette!)

But it’s amazing how such a cheap trick works! Irrespective of the prospective MP’s view on the economy, defence, health or education, there will be some people who simply say, “Nice man – he really took an interest!”

Whilst this is utterly illogical, people do not always behave logically, especially where their children are concerned.

As estate agents, we can take advantage of this simply by adopting a few marketing techniques that hit an emotional chord with prospective buyers and sellers.

So why not hand out branded balloons in the street, or create a colouring pad, with your logo on each page that can be given, with crayons, to anyone coming into the office with children, or on an instruction.

I also know an agent who, during a rebrand, had several reams of superfluous headed paper which he donated to the local primary school.

 Guess what appeared on the front of hundreds of fridges for months later…children’s pictures on John Parry Estate Agents’ paper!

Or how about a “back to school” campaign in September, whereby you provide branded geometry sets, pencils, rulers calculators, etc to local schoolchildren.

 I’ll never forget helping my daughter with her maths homework and seeing a Chamberlains-branded ruler in her hand.

It's well-known that people are more receptive to influence when they are in “family” mode, than in the defensive mode they adopt when they think they are being sold to!

It’s certainly worth looking at how our emotional attachment to our children can be harnessed. So this week’s message is “use the children for profit!”

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