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Accessibility across different platforms is the new “must have” and this product delivers just that, allowing access via desktop, browser and mobiles. 

VebraLive has been developed in consultation with experienced industry professionals who also recognise the importance of using the online environment to develop and successfully promote their businesses.

VebraLive delivers all the functionality and accessibility required to run a small independent office, a national multi-branch agency or a field based franchising operation in both the traditional and web-based environments.

VebraLive harnesses the best technology and customer support practices as a direct result of a collaborative effort across GMG Property Services, utilising the strongest elements from the Group and its experience in the industry.

VebraLive gives you flexibility like no other software available. It enables you to optimise resource allocation, share information and communicate effortlessly across small or large organisations.

One central database with live access – all your data, on demand – giving you the best of both worlds. You host your data, so you control it.

To discover just how VebraLive can help your business to reach its full potential, or to arrange a demo please go to or call us on 08446 626454.