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The Online Agent

My name is Richard Garland. I am the founder and MD of I opened my first high street estate agency estate agency around 25 years ago so have been involved in the business for longer than I care to remember.

There can be little doubt that our industry is changing with a clear shift away from the high street and print advertising to online. However I don't believe that the internet will ever fully replace personal service which is why mousesale is intent on building a network of independent agents who can offer face to face service and local knowledge.  We therefore see ourselves as a hybrid between internet property sales and traditional high street estate agency – ‘local online agents’. The future of estate agency? Only time will tell.

There will always be a place for good high street estate agents although perhaps in smaller numbers than we have been used to. The internet has already brought about many changes to working practises and increased competition for those who are prepared to adapt can only be a good thing.

I hope that you enjoy reading some of my thoughts and observations and I welcome any feedback that sparks informed debate!

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