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VTUK – coming up to twenty years of supplying fresh ideas, innovations and great business tools to the property industry and yet despite this pioneering attitude the central message remains very Buddhist. Treat others as you would be treated yourself. At VTUK the Client is King and service is the be all and end all. If you are ready for all this and want it wrapped in the highest quality of support, training and bending over backwards. VTUK are THE people to do business with.

Our Client base has expanded dramatically with Aquarius sites for Estate Agency, taking advantage of the subscription model and Gemini really excelling due to the expansion of Taurus our automated workflow system. We have added Nigeria, Botswana and the UAE to our Client base as well.
We have formed awesome strategic alliances with the Guild of Letting & Management offering the BTEC diploma from our offices, Richards Gray, Live, Clare Fletcher Training the UK’s pre-eminent Estate Agency Guru and have increased our list of preferred supplier status bodies, with the addition of TEAM and Movewithus.

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The Heart of your Business…

Since 1989, we have been the UK's leading provider of Property Industry Software. That may sound like it trips off the tongue a bit too easy, but it's not an idle boast. We have welcomed thousands of agencies to our family.

So what does Gemini do?

Simply - does lettings & management brilliantly. If it's residential, commercial, block management, leaseholder or even short lets. Savings & improvements to client relationships will be instant, not to mention the priceless protection afforded by our constantly updated compliance model.

Whether you are just starting a new venture and need help with legislation and administration, a large agency group looking to improve efficiency, streamline process and ensure excellence through best practice again and again, or as in the case of one of our clients a large franchise operation looking to deliver value with minimum support, through intuitive systems Gemini is the right product at the right price.

Simply awesome, astounding depth, fully operational in 4 weeks - as you may have guessed these aren't our quotes, just some of the thousands we receive daily from our huge client base and as for the support records well it gets sycophantic but someone did once ask if they could have one of our engineers' babies, service was so good.

No need to take our word for it, after a completely free business analysis and demonstration of the functions of the software you will receive access to as many clients as you need for reassurance and also be provided with a full report detailing your challenges and best practice solutions.

Just to really put the cream on the top, this incredible software is now available on a subscription basis. To good to be true? Not on this occasion, we are the exception that proves the rule.

With Gemini & VTUK it's not all about the software, it's about people and service.

Keep Your Head Above Water…

We know estate agency but not as well as you do. Our clients and partners have helped us to develop something truly unique. It is also easily assimilated, developed with cutting edge technology and over 30 years estate agency experience from not only our clients, but the leading thinkers on property practice & markets in the world.

So what does Aquarius do?

Whatever the market conditions in estate agency, the business is about people talking to people. Focus your time on communications and not admin with the industry's most composite business selling tool.

The ultimate in sophistication using the worlds most advanced database technology and programming languages, this software is developed not on concepts of the mechanics of how a sale should progress, but on the real world and how a tool can not only ensure that the progress is swift and seamless but can also encourage team members to "act" proactively to maximise sales results.

We have sought advice from the worlds premier sales, marketing and property professionals and in a deviation from normal practice have applied this practice to the system design, effectively incorporating work flow and best practice by design instead of "in spite of design".

As one of our advisors put it, people looking to buy or sell a house aren't interested in what software an Agent is using, they want fantastic service, from the point where they receive a warm welcome, through excellent communications all through the process down to a big bunch of flowers on completion.

We will ensure that your staff deliver this time and time again, that in a booming market nothing is lost and in a desperate market every edge is honed and put to effective use. Reputations and success are built on this and Aquarius will be the platform to guarantee success with minimum overhead.

In comparisons to service levels and cost delivery of not only other software companies in property but industry wide VTUK proves again and again to offer the very best value for money. In fact a consultant from a large UK consultancy told us our margins were so keen they were unsustainable. That was over two decades ago, so here's to the next twenty years of giving our client's better value for money, better service and better attitude than any one could hope was possible.


Take The Bull By The Horns...

Our working life is driven by reaction to events and proactive tasks designed to give market edge and increased profitability. Through our intimate knowledge of some of the most advanced technology available we have developed a tool that enables you to look at the events and challenges facing your business and then design solutions to these requirements.

So what does Taurus do?

This is simply the most dramatic development in software ever! Liberating staff, ensuring service excellence and facilitating full system integration. Making reality of bespoke affordable systems. So what is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management - in broad terms is the automation of those employee activities that either cost the company valuable time and money or are business critical to the success of the company and cannot be missed. All businesses today are dependent on people extracting, formatting and distributing business information from business applications. Yet, people have physical limitations, they are prone to illness and unfortunately make mistakes.

Business Process Management - technology in the form of Taurus is VTUK's response to the problems created by employee-dependant applications. Directors, managers, suppliers and customers expect instant responses to real-time commercial interactions and business process management technology leverages all the organisation's I.T. systems by creating a real-time, responsive infrastructure.

Property practices are demanding VTUK's business process management suite, Taurus, because of its proven ability to immediately reduce operational costs and substantially increase productivity.

All company applications present the employee with an 'opportunity' to do something i.e. run a report, escalate an issue or produce and deliver compliance documents, but with Taurus these procedures are dynamically triggered and achieved, without fail and to company rules or policies. Indeed, with customers expecting richer information, accountability becoming increasingly important and departmental workloads outstripping physical resources, companies are now strategically automating their critical business processes to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs.

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