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Why Buyers are Not Liars!

I believe that negotiators should take much more detailed requirements from buyers if they are to maximise the opportunity to sell to them in a market where a well-qualified buyer is a precious commodity.

It always amazes me that negotiators often just accept the extremely limited information provided by the buyer’s on-line application – ie a three bedroom house in x area up to £230,000. But which one will they actually buy? It’s impossible to tell from the info they have provided. 

For example, how often have you come across a buyer who said they wanted a large garden, but ended up buying a property with a tiny one! Liars? No – just misunderstood, and it’s our fault! In this example, had the negotiator asked why the buyer needed a large garden, they might have understood that the buyer did not specifically need this, but actually needed the space for their two teenage boys to kick a ball around. So the house opposite the park was even better than one with a large garden! Only the agent who identified this would have been able to sell them that house!

There are so many examples of where a bit of intelligent questioning can result in a much greater understanding of your buyers – leading to additional sales and the trust required to generate them. 

If you ever wondered why you effectively fail to sell to the vast majority of your applicants, it might be worth considering how you go about interviewing your buyers! They’ll appreciate the interest you have taken in them, and you be able to spend most of your time with the best purchasers.