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Why Floor Plans?

Why Floor plans?


We recently caught up with the nice people over at to find out more about floor plans.  With the vast majority of the UK’s top estate agents now using floor plans on their sales details and websites, it’s no longer an option to ignore their popularity among potential buyers, or more importantly, the demand from potential vendors.

It’s also not surprising that the current market conditions pose something of a dilemma for estate agents - while it’s crucial to be pro-active on the marketing front, it’s just as important to watch the pennies. So how do you factor floor plans into your service offering?
Launched in 2004, Metropix has already solved this issue for thousands of estate agents throughout the UK. In fact, since the slow down begun, they’ve seen a marked increase in the number of new clients - not only from agents introducing floor plans to their portfolio for the first time, but also new customers switching from less cost-efficient providers.
Here’s why. Using Metropix, it is possible to include a professional, customised floor plan on every instruction for only £29.95 per office, per month.
A low price-tag is not all that agents look for in their floor plan solution however; they also demand flexibility, high-quality and a ‘stamp of distinction’ to set them apart from their competitors … Metropix delivers on every count.
First up, customers are able to choose how they create each floor plan from a range of flexible options:
DIY - Draw plans online from any computer. An average sized house typically takes less than ten minutes to complete. 
Plan Bank - Select a plan from the Metropix archives to use as a template – even quicker! 
AutoDraw – Fax or upload a sketch to Metropix and it’s converted into a finished plan within 24 hours. Any amendments necessary can be made online immediately – no delay and no additional cost 
DEA FreeDraw - Enables your chosen energy assessor to create a floor plan which you control fully making sure you stay the right side of the PMA.  
However you choose to create your Metropix floor plans, each is produced to your bespoke specifications in terms of colour, branding (e.g  corporate logo),  orientation to suit sales details and in the correct file format for your software.
And that’s not all, with an increasing number of forward-thinking agencies looking to advanced technology to differentiate themselves from their competitors, Metropix provides the unique ability to upgrade ‘classic’ plans to a choice of innovative interactive and 3D models automatically, quickly and very inexpensively. For example, interactive floor plans cost just £2.95 per property and 3D plans only £3.95 each.
Finally, being a subscription-based service, with no contractual tie-in, means that Metropix constantly strives to keep its customers happy. So while the costs might be small, their customer care is anything but – Metropix customers enjoy ongoing support from a friendly in-house team.
Naturally, we wouldn’t expect you to take our word for all of this - Metropix offers a FREE 14-day trial of its service so that you can ‘try before you buy’. They’ll also be exhibiting at the Agency Expo in October, stand 604, where they’ll be happy to meet any Property Overseas Today customers wishing to see a demonstration of their service.
In the meantime, please contact Metropix direct on 0845 838 5355, or at should you wish to set up a trial or ask any questions about the service.